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Garlic of ornament
The same desire, several solutions
vegetal garden decoration
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Contemporary atmosphere
You're lucky to have a garden, a little corner of greenery, a courtyard but

- there is nothing, everything is to be done,
- you don't like it, you want to rethink it completely.

You don't know how to do it, not really what to do or where to start

- you're not sure that the plants you love will find their place in your garden,
- you wonder what plant to install and where?.​
I accompany you and advise you to bring you a global vision.

I adapt to your goals and constraints to create a personalized garden, tailor-made and satisfy your desire for nature.

The proposed solutions can be split into phases in order to stagger completion times and costs.

I realize your ideas in plant, practical & aesthetic solutions using tools
Excerpt from a study for a private garden in Vaucresson (78)
> Study for the landscaping of your garden

We make an appointment and I come to you to 

- discover you, your garden and your environment,
- collect your ideas, desires, goals & all technical and budgetary constraints,
- take measurements and take pictures.

Following this meeting, I start to realise the study.

During a 2nd appointment, I present my proposals grouped in a written document:

- the party (s) taken in style and atmosphere,
- the general organization and spaces of the garden
- plant and material solutions,
- landscaping rendering plan, sketches 

With this study, you visualize the layout of your garden.

Excerpt from a study
Sketch of a massive "pink and lavender"  
sketch massive
> Plan of plantation

​After the study, when your choices are stopped, I do the planting plan.

This is a final plan on which to indicate:

- the layout of the massifs and the implantation of subjects in isolation,

- the precise position of the plants, the list, the number and the specifications specific to their planting (planting distances, diameter of the trunk, or height of the plant ...).

There is "to do", with my help or not.
Plan de plantation
 Plan of planting of the "pink and lavender" massive
> Management and monitoring of your garden

Very quickly, the plants installed will take their place and grow.

It is then that the work of gardening begins (size & care ...).

Over time, when there are several types of plants, there is the question of size: when and how to carve?

To help you to be autonomous in the management of your garden, I give you for each plant:

- an identity card: information needed for planting, maintenance...

- a calendar of actions to be carried out in terms of care, size, ... and this, in connection with the moon of the year to come.

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