Everyone's rythm
A garden is alive, it evolves, grows and embellishes to the rhythm of the seasons and the climate.
It should be observed, take care of it but also let it evolve so as not to "freeze" it.

I can "garden" for you, at the pace that suits you, all year round or punctually.

Depending on the plants present, the style of your garden and the area to be maintained, we define together the tasks to be performed and the time required. Each garden has its specificities and requires an adapted follow-up.

Every month of the year brings its joys and tasks that I propose you to realize:

- weed control and faded flowers from your flower beds and massifs
- putting in place and removing winter protections
- collecting leaves
- soil amendment and plant fertilization
- size of leaf trees, shrubs and plants
- Lawn: soil preparation, seeding, maintenance and mowing 
- planting and plant care
- mulching
- …
You may receive a tax credit or rebate if you incur expenses for personal services, which are returned to your principal or secondary residence located in France, whether you own or not. More information here
Collecting leaves
follow up the garden
carving vegetal
take care of the garden
vegetable garden