Optimize and enhance your garden
loss of attractiveness
After garden staging
The sale of a house often results in disinvestment in the maintenance of the outdoor spaces.

During the visits, the impact of the first impression is very important in the decision of act of purchase but what one discovers most often firt is the garden.

It is therefore necessary to optimize and highlight the assets of your garden, "Make it" a jewel case for your home and highlight it.

It is an aesthetic and harmonious whole that will allow visitors to plan there easily and to want to settle there.

The Garden staging, through simple, fast, targeted and inexpensive actions,

- highlights your outdoor space and your additional  m²,
- makes your garden a real selling point,
- increases the value of your "property".

When visiting your garden, I make an inventory of the existing.
Then I write and send you a detailed action plan encrypted.

After agreement on the estimate, I realize the actions "punch":

- cleaning of exterior spaces (vegetalized and built),
- removal of dead, untreatable plants and irreparable furniture,
- size and care of plants,
- rehabilitation of the lawn,
- planting of plants,
- reorganization and redevelopment of outdoor spaces (if necessary),
- taking pictures for your ad,
- addition of decoration objects,
- ...
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