Reappropriate his garden
You don't like your garden anymore, you want
- rejuvenate him, give him life again, bring him "peps" ...
- make it evolve while keeping the spirit given by the previous owners
- make it evolve without changing everything and while keeping a unit
- that it resembles you
You don't know
- what vegetal to keep
- how to "take back" an existing neglected and aging garden
- How to add and modify while keeping a unit,
- ...
I help you reclaim your garden & taking full advantage of the exist
 while respecting your specifications
> Diagnostic
We make an appointment and I come at home to:
- discover you, your garden and your environment,
- collect your ideas, desires and objectives as well as all the technical and budgetary constraints,
- take measurements and take pictures.

During a second appointment, depending on the diagnosis of the existent, objectives and constraints, I present my solutions:

- the bias in term of style and atmosphere to give to the garden,
- the reorganization of the garden and the spaces,
- the plants to be stored, treated, trimmed or moved,
- plants to be deleted,
- the new plants to plant,
- sketches of new massifs or modified spaces, 
- the quantification of the actions to be carried out.

On the basis of these elements, I can carry out the actions advocated or you can do it by your care.
Contact me
Tiphaine Rérolle 
78110 le Vésinet 
Tél: 06 11 34 26 05